Social Justice and the City

The City, Culture, and Community Ph.D. program invites graduate students to submit papers to our second annual symposium, Social Justice and the City.

Theme and Topics:

The early twenty-first century has witnessed cities throughout the world in flux related to global climate change, post-industrialism, rapid growth, and political tension. This symposium invites scholars to present their work from a variety of perspectives, theoretical frameworks, and methodologies. We are interested in how scholars frame issues of (but not limited to): social justice, disaster resilience, urban design and planning, public participation in policy, and the environment in the context of urban change. Approaching the tenth anniversary year of Hurricane Katrina, this symposium is an opportunity to explore urban equity in a global context.

To this end, this symposium supports scholars in forming networks to foster communication across disciplines for the creation of truly interdisciplinary work. By interdisciplinary, we mean the generation of questions and mixture of methods from various and diverse disciplines in the creation of new forms of knowledge. In acknowledging the risks associated with interdisciplinary scholarship, we celebrate the vital importance of creating such a space and hope to add momentum to these efforts.


As the academy continues to evolve, interdisciplinarity proves more and more a necessity. The 2015 City, Culture, and Community symposium, Social Justice and the City, will provide a forum for interdisciplinary dialogue on topics related to the environment, culture, production, and social justice.


Conference submissions are open to graduate students pursuing Masters or Ph.D.

We welcome viewpoint papers, literature review, journal articles, area exam sections, dissertation chapters, etc. An abstract is required by December 1, 2014. Final papers should be submitted by February 13, 2015. Presentations will be organized either in panels or as individual presentations. Notifications of acceptance will be sent by January 5, 2015 and presentation format will be indicated. All abstracts should be submitted through or by email to


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